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7:22 pm

Great quote from Darrell Waltrip on FOX about Kyle Busch, "People want him to win like Petty. They want him to drive like Earnhardt and they want him to act like Mark Martin. It just ain’t going to happen. This is an extraordinary talent. Enjoy it."

7:38 pm

Max Papis just Tweeted that he is at Ikea eating a meatball sandwich. When it comes to Twitter, Papis is NASCAR’s Ashton Kutcher.

7:50 pm

My pick to win: Denny Hamlin.

7:56 pm

Going green-yellow. Is there any other sport that starts without actually starting? I guess a lot of regular-season NBA games qualify as green-yellow, for their lack of competitiveness. Randy Moss had a green-yellow season in Oakland a few years ago. I am often green-yellow the first hour I am at work. I have been on some boring dates where the conversation went green-yellow. Guess it happens more often than you think.

8:04 pm

Why does a Burger King commercial for a kids meal have so many dancing hot chicks? Who is BK trying to appeal to? Sexually mature children? Horny parents? I need someone to explain this to me.

8:07 pm

Kyle Busch came to play. He might be NASCAR’s Simon Cowell, but he’s fun to watch.

Above: The kind of guy who would nickname himself Rowdy?

 8:18 pm

Both Busches are looking good. (Yeah, I said it.)

8:27 pm

Was worried about Carl Edwards today. He spent all week talking about crashes and injured fans. That can’t be good for your psyche. On the NASCAR Now interview he looked like last weekend’s wreck really affected him. Lots of deep breaths and long pauses before answers. Looks like he is focused tonight.

8:30 pm

My pick (Hamlin) is in the lead. This is not a gloat-free zone.

8:47 pm says 5 to 10 percent chance of precipitation over the next few hours.

9:01 pm

Last week Darrell Waltrip said, in so many words, that Danica Patrick is not strong enough to drive a stock car. Now, I know it is a physically demanding sport, but what they just showed Denny Hamlin doing inside his car, yeah, it looked stressful, and I am sure his feet are moving constantly, and it is hot, but driving the car does not appear to be impossible for a physically fit woman. Come on, Joey Logano can do it, and he’s built like a high school baseball player.

I think she could take him.

 9:10 pm

Tweet from AP reporter Jenna Fryer: "The 88 crew has made the wrong adjustments on 2 straight pit stops. Dale Jr. ‘We’re just acting like a bunch of #(*&!$* morons tonight.’"

9:21 pm

Race is official at lap 201. still says 10 percent chance of rain

9:26 pm

Jeff Hammond dresses like a tire salesman. I would buy four whitewalls from that guy.

9:46 pm

Your points leader, as of lap 230, is still Kurt Busch. Jeff Gordon is 10 points behind him.

9:55 pm

Storm is coming.

10:07 pm

Good to see so much talent out front. Newman, Gordon, Kyle Busch, Martin, Kurt Busch. Hope the rains stay away. Want to see these guys go at it.

10:16 pm

Dale Junior is 29th. And this is one of the tracks he likes.

10:19 pm

Not going green because people were throwing things on track.

10:37 pm

Wreck: Stremme, Johnson, Kahne. Crashes are so much milder than Dega, which is to be expected.

10:45 pm

Chris Myers always sounds to me like a guy who drops his voice a little deeper to impress girls. That said, it’s a great voice. You get the feeling it worked once in a bar and he said, "This is my move. I’m going with it. I’m the melifluous guy."

10:53 pm

Looking forward to Carl Edwards on Chelsea Lately this week. Hey, it’s entirely plausible at this point.

11:05 pm

Kyle Busch way out front. Yellow kills him here.

11:13 pm

Kyle Busch wins on his birthday.