LiveBlogging Mayhem: Bristol Motor Speedway

Kyle Busch took no prisoners, burying the field and leading 378 laps on his way to his second win and third top-three finish in five races. Pole sitter Mark Martin, who needed a good day to avoid falling out of the top 35 in points, finished sixth, moving to 31st overall. Jeff Gordon finished fourth and will hold onto first place overall.

22 Laps In
First car, Sterling Marlin, goes a lap down. Now, things should get interseting, as slower traffic slows the leaders. Quiet start though…

Heh Heh Heh
Scott Speed caught for speeding on pit road…I slay me…he’ll join Marlin a lap down.

New Racing Surface
The new concrete certainly has changed the complexion of the race. A fair amount of three-wide, which you didn’t see much of in the past. At least, not successful three-wide racing…

Caution 3
Todd Bodine probably not too hapy wityh Michael Waltriip right about now. Of course, there are a whole bunch of guys — Harvick, Kurt Busch among others — who probably aren’t happy either.

Kyle Busch
If this keeps up, the Kid figures to make this a long afternoon for a healthy percentage of the field. He’s making this look far too easy at this stage…of course, as the announcers are quick to tell us, Bristol can bring you to your knees in a hurry.

Travis Kvapil
As Busch continues to rub the field’s nose in it, Travis Kvapil is working on an impressive day, running 16th. Word on the street is this could be the No. 28 team’s  last race for awhile, as the money has apparently run out. Hard to say if it would be more or less painful to go out on a high note, you know?

Fifth Caution
Brought out by Jamie McMurray, who seems to have brought out the last four all by himself. Interesting to see if this changes the dynamic for Kyle Busch …

Say What?
How is Marcos Ambrose doing this? Seriously …

Meanwhile, Back in Check-out Land
Busch is almost two seconds clear of Jimmie Johnson in second. He’s making this look way too easy.

Demolition Derby?
Busch needs to start wrecking people…just selectively punt people, add a dash of the unexpected to what has turned in to a high-speed parade through 275 laps.

Jimmie Johnson
Johnson back in first off pit road. Kyle Busch falls to third. What’s the over/under on Busch being back in first — half a lap?

Greg Biffle out
Engine problems put Biffle behind the wall — not the ribs he injured fishing this week. Still, it’s a big hurt and will probably drop him out of the top 12 in points.

100 Laps To Go
Mark Martin needs a good day to avoid falling out of the top 35 — and he’s quietly engineering just that. The pole sitter led three laps, fell deep into the pack and has now worked his way back to fifth.

Fewest Cautions?
Last caution came about 200 laps ago … must be reasonably close to the record for fewest cautions for a 500-lap race at Bristol. This has been a surprisngly uneventful race, that’s for sure. Seems as though you don’t need to move somebody in order to pass; you can just drive on by.

Caution Seven
Harvick into the outside wall. Look at that — not only did Johnson not take the lead off pit road, he fell three spots. Busch is in first with 50 to go. Say goodnight, Gracie?

A Digger-Free Sunday?
Yes, we’ve seen shots of the infernal rodent, but the announcers have been exceedingly decent and not mentioned him … until this most recent caution. Damn, I thought we might go a whole race without being subjected to insipid reminders of the little bastard.

An Act of God…
…is about the only thing that could stop Busch…but Joey Logano blowing up with seven to go will certainly make it more interesting than it might have been ..