This one crossed my path somewhat after-the-fact, but in the interest of maintaining full NASCAR Fan Crime Spree coverage, I am duty bound to report the following. On Oct. 6 a man wearing a NASCAR baseball cap attempted to rob a Kannapolis, N.C., Wachovia bank. Police say the man handed the teller a note demanding money. (Take that, big-city snobs who think we’re all illiterate.) The man, who did not display a weapon, apparently did the old finger-gun-in-the-pocket trick. He quickly became startled (as criminals without real weapons easily are) and fled the scene without any money.

Suspect in Kannapolis attempted bank robbery

I will remind you, as I always do at the end of these NASCAR Fan Crime Spree posts, that if you see a man wearing NASCAR clothing enter your bank, don’t try to be a hero and don’t freeze up either, just calmly gather your belongings and get the fu*k out.

Man wearing NASCAR hat attempts to rob bank (WBTV)

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