The oldest contender in the Sprint Cup is old school in more ways than one. Mark Martin was recently asked about his favorite musical artist of the moment. His answer was Gucci Mane. That’s right. Mark Martin loves gangster rap.

Said Martin, "I wear it like a badge of honor now."

Martin said he first became a fan of rap when Run DMC and Aerosmith remade "Walk This Way." More than two decades later, Martin has evolved with the times.

"I really, really, really like Eminem," Martin said. "I don’t approve of his language or some of his content, but I think he’s a genius with lyrics. I like Dre, how he can really put the music together… I like a good strong beat that moves really fast and makes me feel like I had a cup of coffee."

Everyone keeps asking Martin about whether or not he can win his first title. That’s all well and good, but I think there are now more pressing questions that need to be addressed first. Questions like:

1. Tupac or Biggie?
2. When are you going to invite Gucci Mane to hang in your pit box?
3. How about being introduced next year at Bristol to a Gucci Mane song?
4. How does Rick Hendrick roll with the shorties? We all know it’s not if, but how.
5. Who is better at the worm? Junior, Jimmie or Jeff?
6. If the opportunity presented itself, would you ever get busy in a Burger King bathroom? (Will you take a lie detector test?)
7. Why does Gucci Mane wear a Bart Simpson chain?
8. Did Beyonce really make one of the greatest videos of all time?

Chime in with questions of your own in the comment box.

And now for your listening pleasure, Mr. Gucci Mane…


50-year-old NASCAR star Mark Martin is a big gangsta rap fan (Orlando Sentinel)

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