TUMS Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway
Chase race: No. 6
Date: Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009
TV: ABC at 1 pm ET
Race time: 1:43 pm ET
Favorite: Jimmie Johnson

The week in review:

Comment of the week: From The perfect Sprint Cup schedule came this response from James, "The concept of ending the series at Dayona is cool symbolically, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to decide the series championship on a restrictor plate track. I feel this way because of the randomness of restrictor plate racing and the propensity to have one person’s mistake to effect so many others on these tracks. Those races are exciting, yeah, but if 2 guys are within 20 or so points of each other coming into the final race I want to see them slug it out Elliot/Kulwiki style, not have one of them caught up in some field filler’s stupid mistake because he was able to tailgate his way up to the leaders. I would actually propose Darlington for the final race. The final race absolutely needs to be a "driver’s track" — track where the driver makes a bigger impact than the equipment. Although, I appreciate your placement of the Southern 500 back where it belongs, and there are other driver’s tracks. The Road Course races are some of the most exciting racing all year and really want to see the Cup Series race Circuit Gilles Villeneuve so I would add that. Also if you’re going to add tracks you could take some away and I’d get rid of the Auto Club Speedway all together. Just my two cents!"

Um, that was more than two cents, but we love you anyways, James. Great comment.