Last week’s trip to victory lane pushed Matt Kenseth back into the spotlight after a 76 race winless streak. The 2003 champion and Daytona 500 winner is considered one of the best drivers of the decade, but is often criticized for his lack of spunk and spontaneity at the track. While Flatline is unlikely to perform a choke hold on Kevin Harvick or make reference to the uncomfortable place that Jimmie Johnson keeps his lucky horseshoe, Kenseth has more pep than folks give him credit for.

Here is a glimpse into the many sides of Matt Kenseth’s colorful personality.

1. Matteo Kenseth, Star of Latino Soaps
Matteo Kenseth del amor de las señoritas. Matt Kenseth is probably more famous in the Latin America than the US for his role as Dr. Montalbán (and Dr. Montalbán’s evil twin brother Xavier) on the Spanish-language soap opera Amor Prohibido.

Kenseth is adored (and his portrayal of evil twin Xavier is reviled) from Argentina to Mexico. His torrid, real-life love affair with Paz Vega is the stuff of tabloid legend in Spain, however, Kenseth has chosen to keep his acting career very private in the States.

2. Matt Kenseth, Cat Fancier

‘There ain’t no party like a Matt Kenseth Underground Cat Party.
‘ Anyone who describes Matt Kenseth as vanilla, run-of-the-mill or boring must be unfamiliar with his underground cat parties (pictured above just before his cats cause a ruckus). The man can throw a cat rave like nobody’s business. He’s been arrested over 14 times for his unsanctioned Cat Parties and shows no signs of stopping. His cat raves are famous for importing the globe’s foremost cat DJs, fancy balls of Italian string and fresh-cut Colombian cat nip. What happens at an Underground Kenseth Cat Party stays at an Underground Kenseth Cat Party.

3. Wolfman Matt Kenseth, Standup Comic

Performing under the alias "Wolfman Matt", the majority of his act is spent howling, pretending to fondle female audience members and delivering his catchphrase "even Wolfman Matt could smell that coming!" His day job might be race car driver, but Kenseth’s true passion is observational humor while wearing a wolf mask.

4. Matt Kenseth, Shock-Jock
Most NASCAR fans are familiar with Matt’s plain vanilla answers to reporters’ questions, but listeners to WWCK 95.5 FM in Charlotte get a very different Matt Kenseth. DJ Kenseth of the 95.5 FM Morning Zoo Krew is famous for his prank phone calls. Matt performs the prank calls as one of his various characters: "Matt the Accountant", "Matt the Numbers Guy" or "Matt the Analyst."

5. Matt Kenseth, Cruise Director

Still think that Matt Kenseth is boring? Then you haven’t seen Matt Kenseth in his moonlighting role as Cruise Director for the Pacific Princess. Matt might look subdued in a stock car, but he comes to life when organizing shuffleboard tournaments, conga lines and group photos. Jimmie Johnson may have won five straight Sprint Cup Titles, but who has been voted Leisure Magazine’s Best Cruise Director (Caribbean Region) for six straight years? Captain Matthew Kenseth III.

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