For reasons I don’t understand, Jeremy Mayfield appeared on ESPN’s "Outside the Lines" on Sunday. (The segment taped in September.) During the interview Mayfield more or less said there are drivers who use cocaine and marijuana and NASCAR knows about it. NASCAR’s drug policy is so murky, Mayfield’s allegation could be true. And this is the part where I point out to NASCAR that if your drug policy is so loosey-goosey that it can seriously be called into question by a man you allege to be a heavy methamphetamine user, maybe it’s time to get a new, wacko-proof drug policy.

The "Outside the Lines" segment did not plough any new ground, unless you would like to see how much land a middling Sprint Cup career nets you. (Answer: a lot.)

"You use me as an example to let everybody know who may have already tested positive for marijuana, cocaine or whatever that they haven’t got anybody for, and it puts the fear of God in everybody in the whole sport." said Mayfield. "I was a good example, a good pawn who wasn’t going to cost them any money at all, I was worth more to them as a failed drug test then I am as a driver/owner for my own team."
Mayfield was asked if he thought this is NASCAR’s way of scaring other drivers who may be using into quitting.
"Oh yeah, exactly, for sure without a shadow of doubt that have tested positive either this year or in the past, and this was sending the message to them, saying, ‘You better straighten your act up,’ without putting them through what they put me through," said Mayfield.

Video: Mayfield’s wild ride far from over (Outside the Lines)

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