When women think of NASCAR sex symbols, they rarely think of the guys screwing lug nuts, pounding metal or pumping gas.  Guys on the pit crew might have unexceptional jobs on race days, but they have exceptional bodies (often hidden beneath layers of jumpsuits and beer bellies.)  Here is an exclusive look at the 2010 Men of Pit Road calendar.

Mr. June


June is a time for romance.  It’s also the time of year when NASCAR visits the beaches of California for the road race at Sonoma.  Mr. June loves roses, quiet walks on the beach and pounding out the left-front panel.  He’ll grab that hammer with two hands and bend that metal until the rubbing stops.

Mr. May

April showers bring May flowers to pit road.  Mr. May is ready to roll down the road to passion.  He’ll keep an eye on your inflation pressure and fill you with an air mix that’s 95 percent sexy nitrogen.  Mr. May, why nitrogen?  It’s because he can gain 6.1 percent in sexy fuel economy and improve tire life by a super-sexy 50 to 80 percent. Rrrrr, tiger.

Mr. Novembers

These burly men are ready to jump over the wall to fine-tune your Thanksgiving dinner.  They are quick to wipe up a cranberry sauce spill or scrub your grill for any errant wrappers or tear-away sheets.  Even in the off-season, hide your daughters.  These men are the cowboys of concrete.  They don’t stay in any town longer than four days.  Just enough time to test, qualify and finish.  They will break hearts (and change four tires in 12 seconds flat.)

Mr. Decembers

Ho-ho-ho! You better leave out four plates of cookies for Mr. Decembers.  These men have a great, big present to give you. This gift won’t fit under the tree or in a bread box. Mrs. Claus can’t stand the noise when they rev that pushrod V-8 with mean piston speed, but you’ll hit 9500 RPM when these boys give you a  500-mile ride.

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