Two men are being held at the Champaign (Ill.) County Jail in connection with the burglary of a Champaign home over the weekend. One of the items the men are accused of stealing is a Jeff Gordon lunchbox.

The men’s names are – and I could not make the first one up if I tried – Furlow D. Byrd and Joshua Parker. The Rainbow Robbery also included four frozen steaks, a package of frozen pancakes, six frozen hams and turkeys, a gallon of pink lemonade, a bag of frozen French fries, three pounds of frozen ground beef, a container of Blue Bonnet butter, a package of frozen biscuits, a black Sony DVD player, a cell phone charger and a DVD movie.

If convicted, the men could be sentenced to between four and 15 years in prison. No doubt it will feel even longer when the other inmates discover Byrd and Parker stole a Jeff Gordon lunchbox.

Two men arrested following burglary (Champaign News-Gazette)