WCNC in Charlotte reports that Michael Waltrip crashed his Lexus into a motorcycle last night while trying to make a U-Turn. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver was given a field sobriety test by a Mooresville, N.C., police officer who suspected that Waltrip was under the influence of alcohol. Waltrip passed a field sobriety test at the scene and blew a .06 on a Breathalyzer. The limit is .08 in North Carolina, so Waltrip was not legally intoxicated. This is not the first time Waltrip has failed to control his vehicle in public. At this point I will remind you, with subtle irony, that the man drives cars for a living.

The motorcyclist was transported to Lake Norman Regional Center. No word on his condition. Scene Daily reports that the driver of the motorcycle was treated for apparently minor injuries.
Waltrip was not injured. He was cited for failure to yield.
Update: As part of a promotional stunt for Best Western, Waltrip spent Wednesday playing Mr. Mom for someone else’s child. He told Scene Daily he appreciated the opportunity, saying, "It’s not accident. It’s how much I love what I do and how much I appreciate the sponsors that allow me to do it. I don’t know why it all turned out like this, but I love it." No, it’s not accident, until it literally is an accident.
Michael Waltrip involved in accident (WCNC)
From 2007: Witness reveals photos from Waltrip accident (WCNC)