What a finish! It reminds me of an NBA game where the home team is down by 20 at halftime and most of the fans leave, only to find out later their team pulled out the win. To be honest, for 199 laps, I thought this was the worst race of the year. Thankfully, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson and Greg Biffle changed all that.

Did you see the grandstands? To me, it looked every bit as bad as they predicted. NASCAR needs to get the message on this. I still think poor attendance says as much about the quality of the product as it does about the economy. Experience in working with high-end advertising clients taught me a long time ago that people will still pay more if the product or the buying experience is good.

The double-file restarts are good, but NASCAR really needs to open things up for teams on the COT. One has to wonder how long it will take for the NASCAR brass to get it. Its insistence that all is well reminds me that "Denial is not a river in Egypt."

I hope Arlene is in no hurry for her husband Mark to get home to do summer chores. After his win, Martin says he wants to race the No. 5 forever.

It would be interesting to hear the conversation in the 48 garage this week. This makes two races in a row now in which Jimmie Johnson has been victimized by running out of gas.


TNT has been a nice change of pace for TV coverage, but man, there were some rather egregious foibles. There were some significant timing issues when it came to green flag pit stops, and at times I felt I was tuning into a racing version of the Keystone Cops. With that said, I think Kyle Petty really brings a lot to the table as an analyst and he’s developing a better chemistry with Wally Dallenbach.

After watching Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards and Johnson dominate in 2008, it’s nice to see some other guys get their turn. Every week brings something different.

Finally – my thoughts and prayers are with the Benson family as Johnny recovers from injuries sustained in a Saturday night crash. I wish one of the true gentlemen of auto racing a speedy and complete recovery.

(Editor’s note: All Left Turns guest columnist Jim McCoy edits bump-drafts.com.)