As you know, All Left Turns leads the motorsports world in keeping an eye on Danica Patrick and her plans for the future.  However, after we found these pics of Milka Duno, all we have to say is: Danica who?  Nothing against Patrick, but this Venezuelan beauty is stunning.
The 36 year-old Duno drives part-time in the IRL for the Dreyer-Reinbold team.  To be honest, she hasn’t done well. She has been criticized for being too slow on the track by Patrick and Ashley Judd.  In case you’re wondering, Judd is married to driver Dario Franchitti – and we all know that being married to a driver makes you an authority on such things.  To be honest, we don’t care how well she drives.
Not only is Duno a smoking hot race car driver, she’s also a very smart smoking hot race car driver.  She holds master’s degrees in maritime business, marine biology, organizational development and naval architecture.  Sounds like she could work for Stewart-Haas, doesn’t it?



The best thing about Duno is that she looks just as good out of her uniform as she does in it…

… well, almost.


These are the pictures we decided not to use for the original article, but we came to our senses and realized it would be downright criminal to keep more pictures of Duno from our loyal All Left Turns readers.

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