On the radio, Juan Pablo Montoya went from anger to denial to depression following the pit road speeding penalty at The Brickyard on Sunday that probably cost him a win. Crew chief Brian Pattie does everything he can to calm Montoya – to no avail.

A few of Montoya’s more colorful quotes:

"I never bad-mouth NASCAR, but if they do this to me, I am going to kill them."

"Thank you, NASCAR, for screwing my day."

After crew chief Pattie tells him to relax: "What do you want me to relax, dude? We had this in the bag. I was not speeding."

"I swear on my children and my wife I was not speeding."

"I relax. I do everything you want. We’re not going to win the race from here."

"It’s unfair. It’s a rip-off. It’s absolutely a rip-off. You know what I mean? It’s incredible. I hope Mike Helton is listening to this."

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