Rock over Concord! Rock on Kannapolis! The 2010 NASCAR Media Tour is coming to a town near you. This rollicking event kicks off Monday, Jan. 18 in Concord, N.C. Over the next four days, the "most notorious tour in all of motorsports" will rock Charlotte, Statesville and the aircraft carrier used by Team Red Bull. While the press releases from this event are snooze-worthy, the parties are killer. Here are the five most infamous moments from past NASCAR Media Tours.

5. Mark Martin’s Legal Rider (From the January 2008 Media Tour)

One of the most laid-back guys on the circuit, Mark Martin is easy to please on the Media Tour. You don’t get any of the "diva" behavior or "showboating" antics of some of the younger drivers. Mark calmly and quietly goes about his business in a very classy way. Martin’s only request on tour: a bowl of green M&M’s in his dressing room…and that his dressing room be placed in the Ponderosa women’s restroom. He’s a people person and there is no better place to meet ladies than a women’s bathroom. And ladies love M&M’s ("Mark" & "Martin").

 4. Move over Keith Moon (Bobby Allison on the 1967 Media Tour)

For all the press that Keith Moon and The Who got for trashing hotels and wreaking havoc, Bobby Allison did it first. During the 1967 NASCAR Media Tour, Bobby Allison crashed a Bentley into a swimming pool and fled the scene wearing only a top hat and spats (but no pants). To this day, Allison is not allowed into any continental U.S. Holiday Inn after he carried all his hotel furniture to the roof, then launched a sofa from the top of the Concord Holiday Inn.
3. Remember the town of Strasburg, N.C.? (Media Tour 1975)

Do you remember the town of Strasburg?  Of course you don’t, because Richard Petty partied so hard the entire town was destroyed.  It’s the only town in North Carolina where the name "Richard Petty" is used as a curse word.  Legend has it that the party got so out of control that Burt Reynolds was quoted as saying, "That party is out of control."
2. Jeff Burton’s Gin Rummy Parties at the 1993 Media Tour
Jeff Burton required two shots of adrenaline directly into his heart after an overdose of card playing. Jeff cracked open a deck of Bicycle cards and then came to in a hospital bed 14 days later. Rumor has it, Burton got so hopped up playing cards that he didn’t sleep for 14 days. Jeff Burton is crazy.
1. The NASCAR Party Baby
Stay away from the notorious NASCAR Party baby.  How tough could a baby be?  This tough:
– This baby’s abs are so ripped, he makes Carl Edwards look like Matt Yocum.
– This baby is so smart he proved Martin Truex false!
– This baby punches so hard, he knocked sense into Kyle Busch.
– This baby is so tough, he knocked a digital recorder out of Tony Stewart’s hands. And then Stewart apologized to the baby!
– This baby doesn’t eat Gerber’s baby food; he drinks Castor Oil!

Don’t mess with the NASCAR Party Baby.