This Week’s Nominee For ‘Stat Least Likely To Mean Anything’

In a 21st-century world overwhelmed by data and numbers and all manner of superfluous information, this one, this one right here, is at least a nominee in the category of Statistics Least Likely To Mean Anything In The Real World.  

According to a pearl at, Dale Earnhardt Jr. leads all Sprint Cup drivers with 1,468 points over the last 10 races at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s 50 more than Kevin Harvick has earned over the same span!

Obviously, this nugget is germane insofar as Bristol happens to be the track where this Sunday’s NASCAR race is being held; it’s also illustrative, I suppose, in that it demonstrates that Jr. typically runs pretty well at Bristol — indeed, he’s won once and finished in the top 10 six other times over the same period. Still, at the end of the day, as far as this Sunday is concerned, this information means less than zero.

Put it this way: Just this morning, my 13-year-old told me that I’ve been our family’s #1 jackass for each of the last 485 weeks, outdistancing his mother, (who sits a solid second, clocking in with one week). That may be true, I said to my kid, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make it to 486.