As I do with all of my investments, I am keeping a close eye on Kenny Wallace. (I am sponsoring Wallace in the Aug. 30 Nationwide race in Montreal. You can read all about it here.) My man The Hermanator finished a season-best seventh on Saturday in Iowa. Far be it from me to take credit for a driver’s top ten, but Wallace seems reinvigorated by my sponsorship (and the sponsorship of 4,999 other fans.)

Wallace wrote on his Facebook page, "The ‘FAN CAR’ Was a Total Success, Thank You Fan’s, Your Have Helped Me and I am Forever Grateful..#2. I am Really Happy To Have 2 Top 10’s in a Row With The U.S BORDER PATROL Car, It Feels Good to Know That I Still Have it!..It Has Been Hard on me Over the Last 2-4 Years..I am a Humbled Hermanator..Ha Ha!!..Oh!..More Videos To Come..I will Dream Something!"

This is a changed man. He’s fired up. I am feeling great about my investment.

On Friday Wallace posted a video on Facebook thanking fans for sponsoring his car in the Montreal race. When I first threw down $20 to sponsor Wallace, I was aware that he had an alter ego named The Hermanator, but I was not aware how deeply it was embedded in his persona. Wallace is a nut. And I like it. He says he has family colors. He calls Internet video "TV." He breaks into song when it rains. He does not know where his heart is. I feel like the guy could do or say anything when the camera is on him. As a sponsor, his ability to attract attention – any kind of attention – is important to me. I could not be happier about our partnership. Kenny Wallace, you’re the man. You can watch his bizarro Facebook video here.

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