NASCAR And Frozen: In Perspective

nascar frozen


Any NASCAR fan with a child under 10 has either chosen to or been forced to see “Frozen.” With nothing happening at Daytona for the next month and music from the soundtrack entrenched in my soul for the next week, here’s a quick spoiler-free way to put the movie in perspective.

Anna is Austin Dillon

Born into royalty, young, ambitious, impressionable and with no idea of what’s in store over the duration of the story. Sure sounds like a certain rookie in the Sprint Cup. Before you freak out, both are likable and should feel good about how the narrative ends.

Elsa is Kevin Harvick

Elsa is a queen who gets a bit chilly when things don’t go her way and is really successful when things do go her way. Harvick is close to NASCAR royalty and has been known to freeze people out with his comments. Only one really likes Jimmy John’s.

Kristoff is Kurt Busch

Kristoff is a loner who hangs out with stout people and could do great things if he believed in the power of teamwork. Kurt Busch was a lone wolf who now hangs out with Tony Stewart and could do great things in 2014 if he believes in the power of teamwork.

Sven is Ryan Newman

Sven is a reindeer who never says anything but often seems like the smartest person in the room. Ryan Newman talks a bit more, and probably likes carrots a lot less.

Olaf is Darrell Waltrip

Every Disney movie has comic relief. Every NASCAR race needs some DW. Let’s hope Waltrip doesn’t end up impaled at any point during the 2014 Sprint Cup season.

 Arendelle is Daytona

Both are kingdoms for different reasons. One is made up. One hosts a big race less than two months from now. Let’s hope things aren’t as frozen then as they are now.