Great story from The Windsor Star newspaper today about one Canadian’s impressive NASCAR beer cap shrine. Sam Thornton’s garage is festooned – yes, I just said festooned – with more than 46,000 beer bottle caps. (Budweiser and Coors only. And no, he did not drink all of those beers himself.) The beer caps complement the retired Chrysler worker’s collection of NASCAR memorabilia. The garage is also where he and his friends and family watch races. 

Said Thornton, "There’s lots of laughs and we razz each other because we all have our favourite drivers. It only gets quiet in here for the last 20 laps because that’s when it all happens."

Catch that, NASCAR? Even Canadians think the Sprint Cup is a tad slow. And this is a country that gets fired up for the Winter Olympics, Bryan Adams concerts and the metric system.

Props to Thornton on the collection. You know you have an awesome Man Cave when the wife wants no part of it. According to Thornton, the wife wants no part of it.

46,693 beer caps create NASCAR shrine (Windsor Star)

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