NASCAR Black Friday


Black Friday seems to have already arrived a week before Thanksgiving.

Since there’s no racing this weekend, or the next several for that matter, one might be included to brave the traffic, cold and mob of angry people trying to get a $20 DVD player, even though most people don’t use a DVD anymore.

Don’t be that person. Here are three of my favorite old-fashioned NASCAR items to consider this holiday season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Moonshine Still Dispenser

Highly illegal if used for intent? Yes. Old number? That’s vintage. This isn’t online anymore, though some auction sites may be the perfect lead for a perfect gift for the fan of a NASCAR’s most popular driver.



There’s nothing wrong with a play rug. I have one for my kids. Take a look at the track. It intersects. Could you imagine an actual track that intersects and the amount of damage start and parkers could have done before the parking part of their equation kicked in? At least create a road course map.

Martin Truex Jr. Foam Finger 



After Richmond, would he have used a different finger for this design? It’s not clam chowder, but it’s still pretty cool.


martin truex jr chowder_0