For Richard Petty Smart financial managers that let The King run the race team and intelligent decisions are made with the budget and spending.

For Jamie McMurray More big trophies.

For Race Fans A collection of Indy 500/Charlotte 600 double dipping drivers. That means the logistics need to be possible. Forget the $20 million bonus. I could put up the money for that. That is how safe it is. I just love to see racers who need a steering wheel and the rest of the machine is inconsequential.

For Kurt Busch A strong NHRA Pro Stock debut

For Jeff Gordon A win. Any win at all.

For Steve Letarte Thick skin. You thought you heard fans complain when you were Jeff Gordon’s crew chief? Buddy you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

For Dale Earnhardt Jr. Being competitive again. Not even a slew of wins. Let’s walk before we run. Start by being a factor week to week.

For real racers who still follow the sport Elimination of the Chase and Top 35 rule.

For Robin Pemberton Another great tone-setting quote to set the attitude for an era.

For Robby Gordon Something… anything… to go his way.

For Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated A healthy second life. This is a magazine for racers by racers. It was bought by a non-racing company who thought they knew better than the racers. The magazine folded. Now it is rising from the ashes and being run by the same racers who should have been left alone the first time around. Best of success to you group.

For North Wilkesboro and Rockingham Speedways Success and support from the racing community.

For Kyle Busch Controlled aggression of just that much to contend for a Cup championship.

For Jimmie Johnson An expandable trophy case.

For all the former race team employees Steady employment to support their families. Maybe the group of non-racers trying to run racing teams will stop looking at just the last ledger sheet line and stop firing quality crewmen for unqualified crewmen who will work for pennies on the dollar. The sport is being diluted in multiple aspects.

For General Managers/Competition Directors/Vice Presidents of Motorsports Operations and other empty-titled, underworked, motorsports positions Realization the racing world does not revolve around engineers. These are race teams not engineering teams. Get the engineers out of the way and let the mechanics race. We will all see a better product.

For recycled consistent 27th place Cup drivers Competitive Truck Series rides.

For The Wood Brothers Sponsorship to once again run a full season.

For the TV Networks Less crap on the screen at one time. And some reprieve from the tortuous Chase references during the broadcast.

For SPEED Channel More racing, less fluff programs. I understand it takes money to broadcast a race. But you spend money to telecast cooking shows, talent shows, and banquets. Then come up with excuses why the Snowball Derby is not aired. Let me get this straight: you have budgets to broadcast programs that my imagination has to pull a muscle to reach for a racing connection, but you cannot broadcast an actual race? How come Cup practice is televised live yet support divisions have to battle for airtime? SPEED gushes if Carl Edwards ties his shoe. But the network ignores Cale Gale and Johanna Long driving their hearts out because they are RACERS.

For all the readers and staff My sincere appreciation for letting me be a part of your regular auto racing reading. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

(Patrick Reynolds is a former NASCAR team mechanic who hosts "Motorweek Live" Mondays at 7pm ET. Listen at

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