NASCAR Christmas: Win, Lose or Draw



A brown sweater, gift card and iPad. Finding the win, lose and draw here is pretty simple.

Like us, NASCAR received some holiday gifts this week. Unlike many, NASCAR doesn’t have the luxury of a return policy. Here’s a breakdown of what Santa left Team France, Bert Convy style.

Win: NASCAR Confidential 

Paulie Harraka is the type of person NASCAR needs. This mix of passion and enterprise has so much potential for the sport. Spend ten minutes watching and ten minutes thinking about what Harraka said. It will change the way you think about racing.


Lose: UPS

Jayski linked this Sports Business Daily report Christmas Eve. UPS will leave NASCAR after next year. Three quick thoughts:

I still remember driving a Dale Jarrett UPS NASCAR simulator at the National Cherry Festival. That was last century. That’s how long UPS has been with NASCAR.

Talk about a lump of coal in terms of announcement timing.

The report says UPS just shelled out $100 million on college football sponsorship in 2011. This isn’t a bad economy issue.

Draw: TV Ratings

Nascarcomics broke down Indy Racing League ratings since leaving ESPN. This is a NASCAR blog. The bad news is NBCSN ratings are 38 percent lower compared to a similar event on ESPN. The good news is ratings on a network go up when racing airs compared to other programming.

NASCAR will get its money from NBC and FOX. But both of those network’s cable outlets have had alarmingly small audiences. How will those issues impact the perception of NASCAR’s popularity and the economic consequences of that perception?  This will be the question of 2015.

Enjoy the gifts you like. Good luck returning the ones you don’t. And remember, Daytona is a day closer to being here than it was yesterday.