Last week we were thrilled to discover that Elliott Sadler goes clubbing. That got us thinking. Sadler can’t be the only driver who enjoys $9 beers, dancing with women of dubious morals and wearing shirts with the top three buttons undone. No, it turns out Sadler isn’t alone. In fact, he is in very good company.

Yes, Mr. Good Guy Jeff Gordon is no stranger to the night life. Up top, Gordon was photographed with his wife Ingrid Vandebosch and air waster Paris Hilton at a 2007 Hollywood event. This was around the time that Hilton and Kasey Kahne rumors ran hot and heavy. (Kahne did not attend the event. He was probably being groped somewhere with his shirt off.) Directly above, Gordon and friends enjoyed an evening of combustible champagne bottles at a West Palm Beach night club in January. According to the Palm Beach Post, Gordon was surrounded by beautiful women all night, but behaved himself. Also to Gordon’s credit, he seems to be the only driver who does not dress like a 22-year-old guy named Sal from New Jersey when he hits the club.

Then you have these guys – Sam Hornish Jr., Denny Hamlin and David Stremme at Pure in Las Vegas in February. Hornish looks exactly like a 22-year-old from New Jersey named Sal. Hamlin looks like it’s his first day off the farm. And Stremme looks like he’s ready to ditch Hornish and Hamlin and party.

Kyle Busch and girlfriend Samantha Sarcinella celebrate at Body English at Hard Rock Las Vegas after Bush’s Shelby 427 win earlier this year.

According to Vegas News, Busch ordered ten bottles of champagne.

What did you think he was going to do with them?

Dale Earnhardt Jr., who for some reason was not invited to the Kyle Busch victory bash, owns his own bar, Whiskey River. I don’t know who these guys are, but I am guessing no one messed with Junior that night.

Earnhardt Jr. poses with Vanilla Ice at Pure in March.

Hey, we all do things at nightclubs that we regret.


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