News broke this week of that Reed Sorenson will trade his firesuit for chinos as the new model for Dollar General’s new fall fashion line.  Reed’s turn on the catwalk is the latest in a long-standing tradition of drivers moonlighting as models for everything from Danica’s milk campaign to Bowyer’s Blue Man Group endorsement.

Gone are the days of Jimmy Spencer’s spare tire physique and Terry Labonte’s magnanimous Magnum P.I. mustaches.  They’ve been replaced by Kasey Kahne six-pack abs, Danica’s Bikini midriff and Terry Labonte’s slimmer, more understated mustache. 

Sorenson is not the only driver shaking his money-maker on the catwalk.  Here are the top five NASCAR drivers/models.

5. Danica Patrick for Tissot Watches Campaign for Promptness

Danica Patrick, who has long been a proponent of promptness, modeled for Tissot Watches in a series of photos featuring her in various states of un-dress (apparently, promptness means that one doesn’t have time to put on clothes).  Like her current Nationwide career, Danica looked very good out of the gate, but was unable to live up to the hype and finished at number five in the list of best driver/models.

4. Kasey Kahne – AllState and Anything Else with his Dreamy Blue Eyes

No one can resist the dreamy blue eyes of Kahne.  Whether it’s the fashion runway, commercials for insurance or the race track, Kahne could woo the cheese out of a cheddarwurst.  When he grows tired of consistently finishing fifteenth, Kahne will reap the rewards of his good looks as a model.

3. Ingrid Vandebosch’s Bikini Awareness Campaign

While Ingrid doesn’t race herself, she received a place on the list for her tireless effort and dedication to promoting the awareness of bikinis.  She has partnered with Sports Illustrated (photo above) for a photo campaign to raise awareness for the swim ware item.  While most folks prefer the one-piece or scuba-style full-length suit, Ingrid serves as a beacon of light, reminding Americans that women look good in tiny clothing.  Her future plans include fundraisers where she will heroically pose in small tight skirts for cameras.

2. Scott Speed, Spokesman for Anderson’s Mechanical Bulls

If one could earn Sprint Cup points by casually posing atop a mechanical bull, Scott Speed would be the most famous driver in NASCAR history.  Many wondered how Speed would put his charm and good looks to work in a sport where the stars where helmets that obscure their faces.  That’s when Scott Speed discovered the lucrative world of Mechanical Bull Spokesmodelship for the largest retail outlet for Mechanical Bulls in North Texas.  Speed became the face of Anderson’s Mechanical Bull Superstore and the rest is history.

1. Top Driver/Model: Terry Labonte from his Calvin Klein Cologne Ads

As they say in the fragrance business, ‘If you want to sell some cologne, you need Labonte.’  This late 90s ad campaign is probably the most successful cologne campaign for Calvin Klein.  Terry Labonte is to cologne sales what Julia Roberts is to movies women go see.  Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards… these young drivers are impostors to the thrown of six-pack abs.  Terry Labonte doesn’t need a tire iron, he can remove a tire with a single ab crunch.  How do you like them apples?