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Despite his vanilla (and very un-NASCAR-like) name, Carl Edwards' performances both on and off the track are anything but ordinary.  We could go into his distinguished pedigree in all of those various racing series that no one pays any attention to, but you're here because you watch Sprint Cup racing and want to know more about the man who has been voted "Most Likely to be Photographed Upside-Down."

As entertaining as his backflips are, Edwards will probably always be remembered best for this flip:


This spectacular accident occured on the last lap of the Aaron's 499 at Talladega in 2009.  A few spectators were injured by flying debris, but Edwards was not hurt.  In fact, he climbed out the smoking heap and sprinted to the finish line as the theme from Chariots of Fire played over the public address system.

Edwards had his best year in 2008 with 9 wins, bringing his career total to 16.  That's nine backflips in one season - Edwards certainly has never complained about his back hurting.

Aside from his awesome performances on race day, Edwards is into some pretty cool stuff. He's good friends with WWE star John Cena...

... and he appeared on the hit FOX show "24" as Homeland Security agent Jim Hill.  He has started his own record label, Back 40 Records, with an old high school buddy.  He's first cousin once removed to fellow driver Ken Schrader, which is how he got his "Cousin Carl" nickname.  Edwards also is the only driver to appear shirtless on the cover of ESPN Magazine.

Ahem...  not that we're into that or anything, but it's pretty cool when you consider that Edwards participates in a sport where drivers used to smoke cigarettes during caution laps and needed detachable steering wheels because their bellies got in the way.

Yes sir...  having the physique of a welder doesn't cut it anymore thanks to the example set by Cousin Carl.

Edwards lived the Days of Thunder dream and married Dr. Katherine Downey on Jan. 3, 2009.  Yes, she is an actual doctor, specializing in physical rehabilitation.  What a cute couple ... sort of.  Dr. Downey is nothing short of stunning, but Edwards looks like he just walked off the set of Andy Griffith.  Before becoming involved with Dr. Downey, Edwards dated former Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

And finally, we have to give a nod to Carl Edwards' hot mom, a lady who gives Kasey Kahne's hot mom a run for her money. Carl's mom has got it goin' on.

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