Greg Biffle

Basic Info 

DOB: Dec. 23rd, 1969
Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.

What do Greg Biffle and Denny Hamlin have in common?  Easy, they are both drivers with cutesy names, names that kind of tickle the palette when you say them.  Who could not say "Biffle" 12 times in a row without smiling?


You can tell we're doing our damnedest to try and make this profile entertaining, can't you?  Fact is, aside from being an outstanding driver, Biffle isn't very interesting.  That's not to say he's boring, it's just that he doesn't run his mouth, punch people out, wreck other drivers on purpose or get busted for DUI.  He's just a normal, well-adjusted guy who happens to be a good race car driver, the kind of guy that you'd feel comfortable loaning your weed trimmer to if he lived next door.

Speaking of lawn equipment, Biffle once guest-starred in the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear" where he portrayed a NASCAR driver moonlighting in a riding mower racing series.

Greg Biffle also likes dogs, but unlike many other Sprint Cup families who carry little handbag-sized dogs in their motor homes, he and his wife Nicole have real dogs.  They are most often seen with a pair of Boxers.

Like many drivers, Greg Biffle has a foundation.  Can't be a real race car driver without having your own foundation, can you?  His is called --  you'll never guess -- The Greg Biffle Foundation.  However, Greg's cause is not all show.  His animal rescue operations run monthly flights to the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, N.Y., an organization that bills itself as the largest no-kill animal shelter and adoption center in the world.  When asked how many animals his organization has saved, Biffle had this to say;

“It’s in the thousands. We probably rescue, with puppy transport 30-40 a month, and we’ve done that for three years, so that’s 300 or 400 a year. And we actually place a tremendous amount of animals here, too. Team guys now will come to us. Nicole does a lot of these local rescue group efforts.”

So, we see that Biffle is an ordinary guy doing an extraordinary thing with his free time, and that Nicole Biffle is a big part of it.  Did we mention that Nicole is gorgeous as well as generous with her time?

Okay, so here's the skinny on his racing career.  Biffle had tremendous success in the Camping World and Nationwide series before making the move to Sprint Cup in 2003, and he won the Pepsi 400 that same year.  He has scored a total of 14 wins and finished third in the Chase for 2008.

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