Joey Logano

Basic Info 

DOB: May 24, 1990
Hometown: Middletown, Conn.

People have been talking about Joey Logano ever since his mom dropped him off for his very first Sprint Cup race in 2008.  He had a hard time adjusting at first and some of the older drivers picked on him. The Busch brothers stomped his lunch bag and made him go bobbing for apples in the toilet and Tony Stewart used to sit on him and give him Indian rope burns.  Crew chief and adopted big brother Greg Zipadelli stuck up for him when he could and promised Joey that one day they would make them all sorry.


That day came on June 28, 2009, when Big Bubba Zipadelli guided Logano to his very first Sprint Cup win in the rain-shortened Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire.  The victory also made the 19-year-old the youngest Sprint Cup driver to win a race. 


The naysayers starting braying as soon as the rain started to fall with Logano in the lead.  Joey Logano didn't win that race; Zippy did. And so on and so forth.  While they have a slight point, no one seems to consider the massive learning curve this kid had to contend with.  Logano winning at New Hampshire was no luck of the draw. You see, he has won at New Hampshire before.  In fact, he swept both Loudon races in the Camping World East series before he was old enough to vote.


Logano started racing quarter midgets at the age of 6, an age when most of us are just learning how to eat without getting food in our hair.  He was given the nickname "Sliced Bread" by veteran racer Randy LaJoie.  The nickname is not a reference to his race, nor is it meant to say he's ordinary. That's "Sliced Bread," as in "best thing since sliced bread."  Sprint Cup veteran Mark Martin has been calling Logano "the real deal" since the young driver was 15. 


So listen up people: Joey Logano's freshman year is over and he's going to be around for a good, long time.  Rest assured we'll stay on top of his story - because we really want to see which hottie he takes to prom.

Logano and his girlfriend Sabrina Simpson posing with Will Smith during the premiere for Seven Pounds.


Logano shows the proper respect for a Nashville Speedway trophy.  We understand that Logano is a big fan of Guitar Hero, which might explain why he wouldn't want to be a Guitar Zero.


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