Nascar Recap: Nascar Banquet

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Gibbs-art Surviving a weekend in Las Vegas can feel like an accomplishment. So the fact that all teams, crews and owners were able to get out of the Nascar banquet in Las Vegas should feel like a win. But with any event, there are winners and losers. Here's a Nascar recap of the winners and losers from Nascar's annual banquet and the news surrounding it. Win: Jay Mohr Mohr is meant to host this event. He is inside enough to know what he is talking about and outside of the loop enough that he can make relevant jokes with zing. To crack about Jeff Gordon's age, Joey Logano's crew and Brad Keselowski's popularity while those people are in the room takes guts. Jay Mohr made what could have been a vanilla night quite flavorful. Here's a Nascar link with some of his best lines and video. Lose: Danica Patrick Patrick was a topic of conversation in 2013 for her lack of reaction to Mohr's comments. This year, Mohr made light of Patrick again, though she wasn't there to react or not react. I have no idea what Patrick had to do and hope there was no pending emergency or issue. But on one of Nascar's biggest nights, one of Nascar's biggest names should have been there to take the heat. Virtually every other name was there and survived Mohr's musings. I hope she'll consider attending next year. Draw: Joe Gibbs The good news is Gibbs avoided the wrath of the roast. The bad news is a Gibbs driver wasn't in the spotlight enough to take the wrath of the roast. The 2014 Sprint Cup seasons was good for JGR. But if was truly good enough, the team wouldn't have four new crew chief/driver combos going into 2015. This coming year feels extremely important for JGR and Toyota; it will be fascinating to see how the new teams react. For now, be glad to have made it through the weekend and insert a random catchphrase here.  
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