Sam Hornish Jr.

Basic Info 

DOB: July 2, 1979
Hometown: Bryan, Ohio

Sam Hornish Jr. is yet another open-wheel racer who made the jump to NASCAR.  We all know how this script goes, and it's nothing like Days of Thunder.  The fact is most open wheel racers don't end up doing all that well in NASCAR - probably the Harry Hogge "twice-as-much, half-as-wide" theory at work in the real world. 

Hornish, however, comes with a much more impressive resume than any other open wheel racer.  He claimed 19 wins in his IRL career, including one Indy 500 win - that's a career's worth of winning for some drivers, but Hornish did it all before his 30th birthday.  Perhaps this is why he was allowed to move up to Sprint Cup in 2008 even though he did more wrecking than racing in the Nationwide series.

He started off the 2008 season with a respectable 15th place in the Daytona 500 and finished second in the all-star race later that year.  In 2009, he won the all-star race.  This alone is not enough to make anyone believe Hornish can be successful in NASCAR.  Just take a look at how many times Michael Waltrip won the all-star race before notching a victory that mattered.

So, even with the all-star win, the jury is still out on Hornish.  Rest assured we'll be keeping an eye on his progress.

We wouldn't be doing our jobs is we didn't show you a few pics of Hornish's wife, Crystal.

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