A NASCAR Fan’s Thanksgiving

2014 Champions


Today, there is much a NASCAR fan can be thankful for. This NASCAR fan submits his list on this fine Thanksgiving Day…..

I’m thankful that Kevin Harvick won the Sprint Cup championship. One of a handful of deserving candidates, he was fast all year, and is a tribute to persistence in a 14-year climb to racing glory…

I’m thankful NASCAR’s most popular driver- Dale Earnhardt Jr. kicked off the season in fine fashion with a Daytona 500 victory. It got the monkey off his back right off the bat, and set the stage for his his best season in a decade. after more than couple of disastrous season openers fueled by potholes, jet dyer fires and rain-shortened races, this one was just right.

I’m thankful for a serious championship run by Jeff Gordon. That fifth championship is proving elusive, but Gordon proved he still has plenty of racing left in him.

No offense Jimmie Johnson fans, but I’m thankful someone other than your favorite guy won the championship. It’s nice to mix it up a little; it’s good to know “Superman” is still just a man. Will championship number seven prove as elusive as Gordon’s “Drive for Five?” You never know; this series is more competitive than it’s ever been. That is one more thing to appreciate this Thanksgiving.

It’s not a given that the progeny of a legend will enjoy similar success. Considering this, this fan is thankful for the title run of Chase Elliott in the Nationwide Series. He provides one more name on the list of promising young drivers to carry the torch.

Speaking of promising young drivers, I’m thankful Kyle Larson was easily able to put to rest any fears that he was not ready for the big show. He’s going to be fun to watch for years to come.

Watching Marcos Ambrose negotiate a road course is a thing of beauty, like watching Peyton Manning engineer a scoring drive, like watching Clayton Kershaw work a shut out, like watching Michael Jordan drive to the hoop. You’ll be missed, but we’re glad you entered the American fray for a while.

Speaking of road courses, this fan give thanks they’re on the NASCAR schedule, and that A.J. Allmendinger’s comeback came full circle with a thrilling win at Watkins Glen.

Most of all, I am thankful for you, fellow fan. Without you, there is no NASCAR, and no place like All Left Turns to congregate to talk about our likes, dislikes and all manner of conversation in NASCAR nation. From me to you- Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you.