Update: I am extending the deadline for this to Thurs, Oct. 29 at 3 PM ET. I have not received a ton of entries. What that means: If you enter, you have an excellent chance of winning $200.

Do you have a NASCAR-related Halloween costume that is funny, sexy or creative? E-mail your best costume pictures to All Left Turns for a chance to win cold, hard cash. The winning photo – and all other photos I find amusing – will be posted on the site and, more importantly, the person who supplies the best pic will receive $200. E-mail your entries to by Monday, Oct. 25 at noon ET. Come on, I know you can do better than this guy – the stock car driving dentist.

Now enjoy this gallery of cool NASCAR Halloween costume photos:

What does this last one have to do with NASCAR? The baby kind of looks like Boris Said. (I know, I know. It’s a stretch. I just really liked this costume.)
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