My nephews called last night and wanted to know what I was going to be for Halloween. Turns out, our friends in the world of NASCAR have some great ideas – if you’re 5 years old.

It stinks that NASCAR’s Web site only sells costumes for Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in child size. Forget for a moment that I am not child-sized. Why couldn’t I be Robby Gordon or Reed Sorenson for Halloween if I want? I know Robby Gordon is scary, but it’s Halloween, and isn’t that the point?
Seriously, if fans are supposed to drink from the beer sponsors and eat from the food sponsors, can we get some XL options out there that match our actual sizes? Something in an Adult Who Eats Corn Dogs? Some of these costumes would barely fit a newborn. And some actually fit newborns because you can never start kids too early. Which eventually leads to this…

If the sport really wants to grow, standardized start times for races and double-file restarts aren’t the only steps. It’s time to standardize Halloween outfits as well and make some for adults. In case you have not noticed, Halloween has been hijacked by young adults who dress sexy/hilariously/ironically at parties throughout the month of October. Let’s give these folks more options, and by folks I mean ladies, and by more I mean sexier.


Have a happy NASCAR Halloween. If you can find the means.

Kids’ NASCAR Halloween costumes (NASCAR)
Sexy racer costumes (Scavenge Costumes)

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