Everybody loves to decorate for Halloween, even NASCAR teams. Well, not all teams – mostly just those sponsored by M&M’S and, occasionally, Coors, although there have been a few exceptions over the years. Photos below. Last image NSFW!

Universal Monsters schemes


Tony and The Great Pumpkin

Clint BOOyer

Kyle Petty Coors Pumpkin (mid-1990s)

Thankfully, paint scheme design has evolved past the "cardboard door pumpkin" style of this ride.

St. Jude’s Pumpkin car

Okay, so some paint scheme designs have not evolved much. These pumpkins (above) appear to have been lifted from a third-grade bulletin board.

M&M’S Halloween schemes through the years (no particular order)


The devil went down to Dega

Does anyone else find that one as disturbing as I do? Yes, I know, this scheme did not run at Halloween, but it’s still pretty scary to me, as is this one…

So what’s so scary about Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Creme? Have you ever eaten one? I rest my case.

Here’s my favorite special paint scheme of the bunch:

Happy Halloween!