Years ago, there were only three kinds of NASCAR collectibles on the market: die-cast cars, trading cards and model kits.  Mentally stable fans don’t need, and usually can’t afford, more than that, but when NASCAR really started to gain momentum in the mid-1990s, everything changed for the worse.  The market went from NASCAR collectibles to branding every conceivable product with NASCAR and/or driver images.  Just take a look at some of the products below:

EPIC Yuletide FAIL.  It’s a very bad idea to associate nutcrackers with a sport where the athletes wear a three-point harness that fastens between their legs.

Tony Stewart rain gauge …  Today’s forecast:  Partly cloudy with a 100% chance of FAIL!
What time is it?  Time to FAIL!  You can bet that a product like this would have never made it off the drawing board if Ironhead was still alive.  Nothing associated with the Man in Black should ever, ever, ever be PINK!

The devil wears NAPA.  We’re sorry to inform you that this is a real product spied in an actual shoe store.

And finally, the Cap of Tomorrow.  They call it the Cap of Tomorrow because it’ll be tomorrow before you sober up and realize that you’ve been suckered out of $18.

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