NASCAR Is Not A Dinosaur

Dumbassedness is a very powerful thing. Witness the response engendered by Robert Weintraub’s entirely silly column, the one in which he suggested it was time for NASCAR to go the way of the dinosaur.

We’ve got The Charlotte Observer’s David Poole using considerable time, space and energy to eloquently debunk Weintraub’s silliness. We have Steve Waid over at also using valuable time and mental energy politely explaining why he believes the column is ill-informed. Even’s Marty Smith felt compelled to address Weintraub’s asinine suggestion that NASCAR give up the ghost.
Lord knows, I have nothing better to do with my time than engage this bozo, but these guys? Surely they have more important things to do or report on than this … Of course, given how utterly devoid of real news the period following the year-end banquet in NYC and the opening of Speedweeks in February is, perhaps we should all be thankful that Weintraub has helped us focus on something other than the latest piece of crappy news coming out of Daytona or Charlotte.