Kyle Busch, who made headlines this week for not acting like a total ass when he finished 38th at The Brickyard, has yet to follow through on his promise to buy more Gibson guitars from artist Sam Bass to replace the one he smashed after his June 6 win at the Nashville Superspeedway. Bass did, however, receive an apology from NASCAR’s president. “Mike Helton came up to me a few weeks later and said he appreciated how I handled it,” Bass said. “I imagine there was some communication between NASCAR and Kyle that we don’t know about.”

Now a video has surfaced – tip of the hat to From the Marbles – of the guitar Busch smashed being sawed into bits at the Joe Gibbs Racing shop. Busch said that when he smashed the guitar it was so that he could break it up and give it to members of his crew. Well, mission accomplished. If you don’t like Kyle Busch now, what you’re about to see won’t do much to change your opinion.


Cutting the Nashville Guitar, Kyle Busch win from Joe Gibbs Racing on Video.

NASCAR took note of Busch’s bashing (Nashville City Paper)
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