Odds are most of you are missing racing on the weekend. Odds are teams are taking the next few weeks to recharge their batteries and begin the Daytona blitz in January. Odds are it’s time to do another odds column to get you thinking about 2014.

Odds Austin Dillon will have a rough 2014: 1/156

Austin Dillon will have a great Sprint Cup career, but consider the following:

  • Rookies struggle. Ask Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  • Rookies with added publicity struggle more. Ask Danica Patrick.
  • Austin Dillon is running the most famous number in motorsports.

Dillon will wear a giant heap of media spotlight on him everywhere he drives in 2014. I hope he’s ready.

Odds Jay Mohr host a NASCAR banquet: 10,313/1

Norm MacDonald may have had the most awkward hosting gig ever.  Please note the language.

Mohr’s joke about Patrick was accurate and funny to some. Patrick’s reaction and Mohr’s reaction to the reaction mean we won’t get to see him do this again next year. That kind of makes me sad.


Odds Ricky Stenhouse Jr. recovers from 2013: 2/1

Stenhouse Jr. replaced Matt Kenseth in ride only. Kenseth won seven races and nearly obtained the Sprint Cup. Stenhouse Jr. finished 19th in the points and had one top-five.

Stenhouse Jr. will basically have a new crew next year. Roush Fenway Racing needs him to do well, in part to replace Kenseth, in part to possibly resume a fourth team.  Stenhouse Jr. won two Nationwide titles and has shown plenty of swagger. So have others who never made that leap.

Rookies make mistakes, regardless of whether they host or race. Let’s see how or if they rebound in 2014.