NASCAR Predictions? Play the Lottery Instead

I’ve never thought predictions were worth a whole hell of a lot. When I was a kid, I refused to read any Sports Illustrated story that purported to explain to me how Ali could beat Frazier or why it was the Boston Bruins should be able to brawl their way to the Stanley Cup. That so many of these preview stories were accompanied by artists renderings and not photos was just another solid reason why I turned right past those puppies. Well, that and I really have no imagination, but that’s another issue entirely.
Anyway. More to the point, I’ve always thought it was just plain asinine to think one could possibly predict, with any single shred of credibility, just who could win anything as unpredictable as a sporting event with any degree of certainty. Sure, especially in a sport like NASCAR, you can narrow the likely field to a reasonable few pretty quickly, but, the myriad uncontrollable variables involved, especially in NASCAR, make calling a winner pure, blind, dumb luck. Frankly, I think I’d rather play the lottery.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present the first witness for the prosecution, this gem from Yahoo!, posted in February. Now, I know a few of these guys – not well – and I like them. I even respect them. But, by my read, Bonkowski, Margolis, et. al, might well have thrown darts at a board in order to arrive at this stuff. Of course, I have a hunch they might agree with my assessment, and, furthermore I refuse to hold them responsible for this silly little exercise – honestly, stories like this have unimaginative editor back in the home office written all over them.

Of course, at least this one had pictures …