NASCAR Prop Bets



No races, no problem.

This might be the slowest time of year for racing fans, but there are still enough things going on that might change the way you think about 2014 and beyond. Here’s a quick Vegas themed breakdown:

Odds Jeff Burton is a bad hire for NBC: 125/1

For years, fans have been waiting for Burton to trade in a steering wheel for a microphone. NBC took the plunge, hiring Burton as an analyst. I haven’t ready anything saying Burton won’t excel, though having his calming demeanor away from the track is something fans and drivers will miss. At least he isn’t going into construction.

Odds Donovan McNabb Gets Into A Car With Jimmie Johnson: 1/5 

McNabb suggested Johnson wasn’t an athlete. Johnson called McNabb out on this. Both sides said all was good. Now Johnson talked with McNabb about riding shotgun in the #48.

FOX Sports 1 needs a ratings stunt. NASCAR needs to promote Daytona. It’s not a matter of if, but how soon. Let’s hope it goes as well as the Jeff Gordon stunt.


Odds Tony Stewart Gets On Twitter in 2014: 10/1

This needs to happen. Stewart’s fan base drove him the the cover of next year’s NASCAR video game. There is a #SmokeWillRise hashtag. The team has 150,000 Twitter followers. Stewart has nothing.

Can you imagine what Smoke would do on Twitter after an angry wreck or dust up? Can you imagine the stuff Stewart could come up with during a rehab session for his broken leg? Why hasn’t someone started a petition by now?

2014 can’t come soon enough. Enjoy the holiday push, and remember Daytona is a day closer to being here.