Nascar Prop Bets

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It’s the final off week of the 2014 Sprint Cup season. So while drivers and teams try to relax before the final push for a championship, here are some things to think about that could impact the rest of the 2014 Sprint Cup season.

Odds Nascar Makes a Morgan Shepherd Rule: 5/1

For starters, this rule would have nothing to do with age. In spite of Joey Logano’s comments, age discrimination is still illegal. What Nascar can do is enforce minimum speed rules and create rules keeping cars off the track. At least once a year, someone who is a total non-factor wrecks a contender. In the new Chase format, that would essentially ruin a team’s title chances and give Nascar publicity for all the wrong reasons this fall.

I’m all for the little guys getting a chance to run, but if they can’t stay within two-three laps of the leaders, they shouldn’t run anymore.

Odds For A Shorter Sprint Cup Season: 31,556,981/1 

There are 36 races in the 2014 Sprint Cup season; that doesn’t include the Sprint Unlimited and All-Star race. That’s 38 weeks of racing. Teams get two bye weeks. That’s it.

Jimmie Johnson recently said he wants fewer races. As a Nascar fan, I would love to see fewer races and think it would make for a more competitive series; just look at the NFL compared to MLB. In a world where modern TV contracts and new tracks rule the roost, this will never ever ever happen.

Odds RTA Changes Nascar: 1/31,556,981

Many reporters have suggested this feels like an owner’s union. The difference is most unions look for more money; this union is looking to save money through cost control. The business cynic in me sees the RTA will wanting  a guaranteed piece of TV revenue pie to ensure they can field a full lot of four teams. That’s 36 cars for nine teams, which would squeeze out the little guys or make them qualify for races.

The new car models were also supposed to mean teams could run the same car ever week, regardless of track. That didn’t work. If the RTA can regulate itself, this could help the sport and the little guys who can’t afford to have ten different cars for one team.

Odds Jeff Gordon Is The New Jeff Burton: Even Money

Lost in the mess of running a race directly against the World Cup finale is that Jeff Burton may have run his final Sprint Cup race. Burton was always the ombudsman of sorts for Nascar drivers, tackling the sport’s toughest issues.

With Burton moving to the mic, it’s Jeff Gordon who seems to have taken the mantle. What’s most impressive is that Gordon has taken on the issues while leading in points earned this 2014 Sprint Cup season. He also hasn’t given vanilla answers. Being candid and competitive is a tough tightrope to walk; Gordon is great at making it work.

It’s time to stop working and enjoy the final off week of the entire year…in July no less. Good luck catching up on to do lists, and insert a random catchphrase here.