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Basic Info 

Track length: 1.5 mile
Banking: Corners -- 24 degrees; dogleg -- 5 degrees; backstretch -- 5 degrees
Frontstretch: 2,250 feet
Backstretch: 1,330 feet
Race length: 500 miles

Texas Motor Speedway is a 1.5 mile tri-oval. There are a few cool things about the track. Race winners get a cowboy hat. Everyone feels cooler when wearing a cowboy hat. Trust me. There also have been a bunch of race winners at the dozen-year old track. In fact, it took 11 years before Jeff Burton became the first person to win at the track twice.

Texas does something taboo, creating a track with enough grooves where cars can actually pass other cars in multiple locations. The asphalt holds cars well, which allows them to reach speeds approaching 200 mph. The double file restarts could also be interesting. This is all good news for fans who need a reason to watch on Sunday. This is also a recipe that yields long hours for the engine crews who have to make sure the car can hold up for 500 miles that are often full throttle.

The pit crews will also be busy. Most will swap out four tires every chance they can get, and the cars will need to pit at least five times for fuel purposes.

Here are some other things from the track’s Web site that you can impress your friends with, since we all know Jimmie Johnson is winning the Cup.
  • Jimmie Johnson has only won here once, but he has the best average finish at the track.
  • Matt Kenseth and Denny Hamlin are second and third in average track finishes, but neither has won a race there.
  • Carl Edwards is the only driver to sweep both races at Texas. Edwards also has the most career wins at the track, flipping for fun three times.
  • The speedway thinks it can cram 191,000 people at the facility for a race.
  • 122,000 people can fit in the grandstand.
  • There are 1,656 restrooms for women.
  • There are 843 restrooms for men. What’s up with that?
  • Texas Motor Speedway is the first speedway ever to display the laps in the race counting down and counting up, because math is hard.
  • In one year, people eat nine miles worth of hot dogs. That visual is sparking some indigestion as I type.
  • In one year, people eat enough burgers to stack a 74-story building.
  • I am leaving to eat a salad.