Nascar Recap: Irwin Tools Night Race

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Print The Bristol night race is all about tension, but Saturday night's Irwin Tools Night Race yielded a Nascar recap with more tension off the track than on it. Here's a breakdown of winners and losers from Saturday night racing in East Tennessee. Win: Roger Penske Joey Logano's win gives Team Penske six on the Sprint Cup season. Logano's name has to go in Chase consideration based on the teams and technology. Here's the bigger win. If there are two drivers 30 an under you would want for the next ten years, who would they be? Logano and Brad Keselowski have to be in the conversation. After this year, they might be the first two names out of the box. Even if you go in a different direction, Penske has an infrastructure it can sustain for a decade. That's unparalleled stability, especially in the world of Nascar. Lose: Kyle Busch Kyle Busch is 29. Two years ago, if you asked about drivers under 30 for the next ten years, Busch would have been first in a split second. Last year, you could argue about Brad Keselowski but Busch would have to be second. Today, it you had to pick between Logano, Keselowski and Busch, where would you go? The fact this isn't a split-second decision speaks volumes on Busch's struggles, exemplified by that confrontation with Dave Rogers. Kyle Busch hasn't been Kyle Busch in 2014. What happens in 2015 when  Carl Edwards comes to the fold? Maybe Dave Rogers won't be around for the transition, but a crew chief can't cure everything. To have 16 career wins at Bristol and be that much of a mess Saturday night was stunning and something I never thought I would put in a Nascar recap. Draw: Chase Excitement The points gap between 16 and 17 is nearly a full race. If Kasey Kahne or Kyle Larson or anyone for that matter want to make the Chase, they have two weeks to win. The good news is this could make for some fascinating strategy in Atlanta and Richmond; the bad news is it could also make for some mundane racing as teams try to preserve their spots over the next two weeks. Let's see what happens Labor Day in Atlanta. If it's half as tense as Bristol, it could make for a memorable Labor Day Nascar recap.