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Basic Info 


Texas Motor Speedway is a 1.5 mile tri-oval. Like a classic Western, this race is bound to have several twists and turns.

It took 11 years for a driver to win twice at Texas. Only three drivers have won at Texas multiple times, and their names aren’t Johnson or Gordon.  
Texas is known for liking things big. Speeds will certainly appeal to the natives Saturday night.  Texas also has enough grooves where cars can actually pass other cars in multiple locations. The asphalt holds cars well, which allows them to reach speeds approaching 200 mph. This is a recipe that yields long runs under green. It also yields long hours for the engine shops who have to make sure their cars can hold up for long runs at full throttle in hot conditions.

The pit crews will be busy. Most will swap out four tires every chance they can get, and the cars will need to pit at least five times for fuel.

Here are some other facts you can impress your friends with Saturday night in primetime, courtesy of the track's pretty sweet website.
  • The banking is 24 degrees in the corners, and five degrees in the straightaways.
  • The frontstretch is 2,250 feet, and the backstretch is 1,330 feet
  • Greg Biffle won this race last year.
  • Jimmie Johnson  won the second race of the season at Texas
  • Denny Hamlin has the best average finish of any active driver.
  • Matt Kenseth has the second highest average track finish. Jimmie Johnson, Trevor Bayne and Mark Martin round out the top five.
  • Carl Edwards is the only driver to win at Texas three times. Hamlin and Jeff Burton are the only drivers to have won here twice.
  • The track's address is  Lone Star Circle.
  • The speedway thinks it can cram 191,000 people at the facility for a race.
  • 122,000 people can fit in the grandstand.
  • There are 600 acres to park cars, trucks and aircraft carriers.
  • There are 1,656 restrooms for women.
  • There are 843 restrooms for men. What’s up with that?
  • Race winners get a cowboy hat.
  • Texas Motor Speedway is the first speedway ever to display the laps in the race counting down and counting up, because math is hard.
  • Texas also has enough lighting for 11 NFL stadiums.
  • In one year, people eat nine miles worth of hot dogs.
  • In one year, people eat enough burgers to stack a 74-story building.