Pennsylvania 400

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Basic Info 

Drivers and fans often complain of cookie cutter racetracks. You won’t hear those complaints about Pocono.

Completed in 1968, the 2.5 miles tri-oval is unique at every point. Three straightaways have three different lengths. Three turns have three different degrees of banking. Every aspect of a driver and team will be tested, which you can’t say at several tracks on tour.

This is the second race of the year at Pocono. But, this race will only be 400 miles; so, expect to see slightly different strategy compared to a few months ago.

From a fans perspective, Pocono is known for being extremely fan friendly, with one of the better tailgating setups. This is vacation season; so enjoy these fun facts before the race Sunday at 1 EDT on ESPN. 
  • Pocono’s frontstretch is a super whopping 3,740 feet.
  • Pocono’s backstretch is a whopping 3,055 feet.
  • The banking is 14 degrees at Turn 1, 8 degrees at Turn 2 and 6 degrees at Turn 3.
  • There is 2 degree banking on the stratghtaways.
  • The shortstretch at Pocono just  1,780 feet.
  • Joey Logano won at Pocono earlier this year.
  • Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski won here in 2011.
  • Jimmie Johnson has the best average finish among active drivers here.
  • Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin and Tony Stewart have the second through fifth best average finishes.  Martin is the only one of the four to have not won here twice.
  • Martin has 51 starts at Pocono and zero wins.
  • Kurt Busch and Carl Edwards have also won twice at Pocono.
  • Pocono is building its own solar energy farm which should be online by the end of the summer. I do know why this makes me happy.
  • The track does allow fanny packs. Whew.
  • The track offers free parking. Kids under 12 get in free Friday and Saturday.
  • Standing on the seats is prohibited. Don’t do it. Or else something will happen.
  • The track also enforces the Pennsylvania Clean Air Act, or the “Suck it smokers. You can’t light up at the track act” as I call it.
  • There is nowhere to buy supplies for those camping on the infield. They also don’t let folks back in the infield camping area; so bring plenty of toilet paper, grilled meat and hydration.