Real-time access to live communication. It is one of the things that makes NASCAR different from every other sport on the planet. Football fans can’t be in the huddle on fourth down of The Super Bowl. NBA coaches have a wireless mic, but it’s filtered. Major League Baseball doesn’t even know how microphones are used.

NASCAR has them everywhere, including radio channels where drivers can talk with their teams. The beauty is it provides fans with immediate access and perspective. The beast is it provides fans with immediate access and perspective.

Case in point: Richmond 2011. Seems like everyone needed a refreshing Mike’s Hard Lemonade (the sponsor, ahem, of this post). Kurt Busch unleashed four bombs in four seconds, a speed faster than his car much of this season. Martin Truex Jr. then threatened to fire his entire team, even though he doesn’t have the power to hire or fire anyone. This video is rated PG. The audio is NSFW. 

Any driver can have a bad day. Kurt Busch seems to have them a lot. And it’s never his fault. Just listen to this venting at Charlotte. Somehow, I don’t think it would make the cut for network family hour.

The good thing about having a bad brother is that the younger sibling can learn from his brother’s mistakes and not repeat them. This is Kyle Busch at Charlotte displaying the other side of that coin.

Some would blame testosterone for such irritable behavior. Here’s Danica Patrick at Bristol proving anger management is a multi-gender issue or that she’s taking some form of testosterone, which would be a much bigger story except we have no proof of that and we don’t want to get sued. It’s just a joke. Please don’t release your angry lawyers on us.

This is the part of the column where I am contractually obligated to include a Tony Stewart rant. He would be the first and third face on the Mount Rushmore or rants. His best came a few years ago at Richmond. Go to :25 now. Thank me later.

Real time access to live communication. Part beauty. Part beast. Always a great change of pace. Just make sure you have some earmuffs for the kids, even in July.


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