NASCAR Recap: Windows 10 400




The fuel duel.

There may not be a more polarizing term in NASCAR. Some love this style of racing. Others aren’t as fond of the event. Regardless of where you sit on the fence, the Windows 10 400 featured quite the battle, with Matt Kenseth making it work at the end. Here’s why the race winner wasn’t the only big winner from Pocono. It’s our NASCAR recap of the Windows 10 400.

Win: Kyle Busch

Yes. The same Kyle Busch that ran out of gas on the last lap en route to what could have been his fourth straight Sprint Cup win. Busch still gained ground on his competitors for that 30th position. He was in a position to race for a win instead of worrying about points. The No. 18 was possibly the best car on the track.

The idea that Busch didn’t have to race for points suggests just how hot this team is right now. The focus is one winning races and a Sprint Cup, the points will come. Can you imagine that a month ago?

Lose: Penske Racing

Joey Logano couldn’t make it 400 miles. Brad Keselowski couldn’t make it to his pit stall and couldn’t catch Matt Kenseth. Bad days happen. Unlucky weeks happen. Penske Racing has a month to get into Chase form and to avoid the storm clouds. For Ford’s sake, let’s hope it happens.

Draw: Hendrick Motorsports

The good news is three cars finished in the top 6. If teams want to advance in the Chase, this is a great way to move.

The bad news is Kasey Kahne finished dead last. If Kyle Busch makes the Chase, Kahne is the one getting bumped at the moment. The three cars that did finish in the top 6 also led just two laps.

Maybe Toyota is just on a hot streak. Maybe they have enough fuel to win the Sprint Cup duel in Homestead. All I know is the Chase is barely a month away, and for several teams, the time to get through the summer doldrums is at hand. Let’s see how road racing changes the 2015 Sprint Cup equation, and insert a random catchphrase here.