NASCAR Sad Santa Photos


It is a staple of everyone’s childhood. Go visit Santa, be scared to death of Santa, scream bloody murder in front of Santa and be mocked by your family with said photo for the rest of your life.

Even the best in NASCAR have a Sad Santa experience. Here are three of your favorites who might have that Sad Santa feeling inside this weekend after Thanksgiving:

Jack Roush:

Always a bastion of smiles, Roush found himself on the wrong side of an up-and-down 2013. But consider the following realities to see why there’s no need to turn that frown anywhere.

  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. replaced Matt Kenseth.
  • Joe Gibbs Racing, which runs Toyota, took over the 1.5 mile domination award.
  • Roush can’t find a sponsor to back to four teams, but Stewart Haas Racing can.

Jack Roush is one resilient man. He will need to be to fully recover from a disappointing 2013.

Brian France:

The “NASCAR plans to expand beyond the United States”  feature recently went live. While the arguments for expansion are solid and story well reported, the reality of the situation might put a frown on Mr. France’s face.

  • NASCAR doesn’t want to expand beyond 36 races.
  • International drivers haven’t had Sprint Cup success.
  • Open wheel drivers haven’t fared much better.

NASCAR would be better with an international presence. The odds of making this happen are long, longer than walking around Talladega after drinking a gallon of eggnog.


The network tried to pry away NASCAR rights a year early. Now it has to wait and watch while its shiny new toy sits on the ESPN programming shelf for one more year. How much will ESPN cover the sport in a lame duck situation? How will it cover a sport it doesn’t broadcast? Hockey fans will tell you this situation stinks. NBC might feel the same way for another 12 months.

The holiday push is here. Don’t let a large bearded man ruin your holiday. Turn that frown upside down and remember Daytona is a day closer away.