Jeremy Mayfield’s lawyers are trying to collect information from a lawsuit Brian France filed against his ex-wife Megan in 2008. And in what is mostly likely not a coincidence, they have chosen Dec. 4 – the day of the Sprint Cup banquet – to depose France’s ex-wife. The Frances were divorced in April 2008. Brian France sued his ex-wife in North Carolina Superior Court in September 2008. NASCAR has asked a federal court to block Mayfield’s request for the information and is asking the court to move the deposition to later in the month. Per Scene Daily:

Mayfield’s attorneys issued a subpoena to Megan France last Friday requesting those documents as well as any joint tax returns for 2007 and 2008 and any mail addressed to Brian France in North Carolina. The reason stated for the request has to do with whether the federal court has jurisdiction or whether it should return the case to state court, according to NASCAR’s motion.

The contents of the civil suit between the Frances have been blocked from the public. The Charlotte Observer is calling for the contents of the case to be made public.

NASCAR suspended Mayfield in May for a random drug test it says was positive for methamphetamines. Mayfield said the test results were a result of taking the prescription drug Adderall and over-the-counter allergy medication Claritin-D.
France’s ex-wife is represented by the same law firm that represented Mayfield until last month, when Mayfield hired celebrity attorney Mark Geragos.
This could get ugly. (Wait. It already is.)
NASCAR seeks to keep Brian France-Megan France documents out of Jeremy Mayfield case (Scene Daily)


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