Summer Blockbuster movies are here and many films are incorporating NASCAR-related themes.  NASCAR has always had strong ties to Hollywood, from great movie characters to Daytime Emmys to car sponsors.

Here is a look at some of the most anticipated NASCAR-branded movies coming to a theatre near you this summer.

Twilight: Eclipse of the Cup

As the Chase for the Cup quickly approaches, Miss Bella Sprint Cup must choose between her boyfriend vampire Jimmie and her friendship with the werewolf Denny. While both men have five wins this season, the four-time champ is hard to resist.  Any viewers should be warned that there are plenty of gratuitous shots of a shirtless Carl Edwards, even though he’s not one of the main characters and nobody asked him to take off his shirt.

The B-Team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help… try these guys.  They might be able to solve it, or they might DNF and actually make your problem worse.  These guys escaped from a minimum security prison to the Charlotte underground (because no one really pays particular attention and didn’t notice they had escaped).  They are pretty good, but they are really just keeping the seat warm for when the A-Team gets back. 

Wrecks in the City 2

Boys will be boys when they are left to "have at it" in this racy sequel.  Mild mannered Jeff went up to the wine country of Sonoma with his guy pals for a relaxing weekend. After a weekend of putting his bumper where it didn’t belong, Gordon ended up on everyone’s hit list

All your favorite characters are back and they are finding themselves in more trouble than ever.  The critics agree: "How bad is the car?" Asked Juan Pablo Montoya.  "Have you seen Mad Max," replied Brian Patttie, his crew chief, "The car was just like that."


Is Kasey Kahne Salt?  Is he really a Russian spy? Or is he innocent?  Is Kahne actually talented driver or just really good looking?  Where will he go next year?  Why is there so much fuss over Kasey when he is being out-raced by teammate Paul Menard?  Why leave your job without having a place to go in 2011?  Will Kahne move to Tony Stewart’s team or will Junior promote his Nationwide team up for one year?  Why won’t someone tell us what this movie is really about?  I don’t care and yet I’m fascinated. This movie leaves so many questions to be answered.

Four elite drivers are left in the woods to fight it out for one last place in the Chase.  The only thing we know for sure is that at the end of the movie one man will be left standing to race in the Chase and Carl Edwards will probably take his shirt off at some point and refuse to put it back on.