It’s time for the release of this summer’s blockbuster movies and racing fans are in for a treat. Take a look at all of the NASCAR-themed hits coming to a theater near you.

Nowhere To Go, But UP

Dale Jr. was having a heck of time.  His crew chief had been fired, the media was hounding him and Kyle Busch wouldn’t stop yappin’.  This was no time to be bothered by a little kid with a whole bunch of balloons.  But when you’re running in the back of the pack, what’s the harm in trying a new strategy? This summer the 88 will take you up, up and away on a great adventure. 

Kinda-Sorta Public Enemies

In the action-thriller Kinda-Sorta Public Enemies, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Mann directs Kyle Busch and the Red M&M in the incredible and true story of almost-but-not-really legendary driver Rowdy Busch, whose penchant for nicknaming himself, trophy smashing and juvenile antics have nearly made him a "bad boy," but not quite. Will the rest of the field catch up?  Find out this summer.

Traffic School Musical

When over half the cars are caught speeding on pit road, NASCAR officials send the worst offenders (and bitter rivals) Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart to traffic school.  Harvick and Stewart quickly learn that this is no ordinary traffic school, it’s singing traffic school.  These rivals learn to respect each other (and the speed limit).  But what will happen when they leave school?  Will their friends understand their newfound friendship and love of song? Featuring the Grammy-nominated duet "Breathe Me" by Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth.


Footloose 2: Electric Flip-a-Roo

Flashy, big-city driver Carl Edwards arrives in a small town only to discover that post-race celebrations have been banned by evil rule-book-thumping CEO Mike Helton.  Carl wants to do away with this rule and free all of the townspeople to do back flips from their cars.  Only Carl has the courage to battle this mean old man. Can he do it? This summer, let’s hear it for the boy.

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