NASCAR has long been known for its unconventional solutions (Car of Tomorrow’s wing, the testing ban, the return of the spoiler, requiring every spotter to be nicknamed Rusty.) The latest in this trend is Driver Speed Dating. February’s Daytona race demonstrated that drafting partners are key because two cars go faster than one.

With that in mind, NASCAR’s elite drivers will participate in a speed dating seminar to find their perfect match for the July 2nd race.

Three days prior to the race, drivers will gather in the Allison Brothers Conference Room at Daytona to participate in a one-hour speed dating seminar. The drivers will have five minutes to get to know their "dates" and see if they’ll be a good drafting partner.

Here are some tips for drivers to make the most of their Speed Dating experience.

Ask About Past Bump Draft Relationships

Get your date to talk about how long their last bump draft relationship was. It’s important to know if this driver is a "Wham Bam Thank You Sir" bump drafter. Look for indications that this drafter will share the load: Will they let you lead a lap? Will they share responsibility for pushing? Will he call you the next day?

Getting to ‘Yes’ With Martinsville Hot Dogs

Quickly find common ground with your potential drafting partner. Open the conversation with a few things that you and your speed date are likely to agree on like double file restarts, Martinsville Hot Dogs and your mutual love of Jeff Burton’s turn on General Hospital. Finding similarities will help you get to ‘yes’ and close the deal on a drafting partner.

Butter Up To The Bayne

Find the drivers who excel in the bump draft and butter them up to push you to the front. Compliment Trevor Bayne on his Daytona 500 win or pepper Dale Earnhardt Jr. with compliments on his ability to wear hats backward.

Don’t Seem Too Needy
Nobody wants to spend 500 miles next to a guy who won’t stop asking ‘Does this HANS device make my butt look fat?’ Just relax and don’t try to pressure your date into drafting with you. Drivers will pick up on your insecurity. Just like a lady, NASCAR drivers only chase the ones that run away from the pack. The key is to play coy and make them think you’re unavailable. Once a drafting partner thinks he can’t have you, they won’t rest until you say ‘yes.’

Avoid Speed Dating Turn offs
When meeting potential drafting partners, be mindful to avoid these speed dating turn-offs:
– Telling any story that ends with "…and Gilbert Arenas thinks I’m the crazy one!?!"
– Excessive use of "Bro"
– Saying things like "I’ll draft behind you so close, I’ll smell your farts."
– Insist that you both grow mustaches for the race
– Introduce yourself as Kyle Busch

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